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Pulse Energy Broadband

Pulse Energy is a community-owned energy company, supplying Electricity, Gas, Solar and Broadband services to households and businesses throughout NZ. As a Pulse Energy customer, you will enjoy:
- A Low Price Upfront
Pulse Energy’s plans are competitively priced. They do not increase their prices so that a prompt payment discount can be given. Instead, you will be offered the best price from the start.
- No Long Term Electricity Contracts
If you need to leave, all you have to do is give 30 days’ notice. Otherwise, an Early Termination Fee of $150+GST will apply
- Unlimited Broadband and Landline Phone Packages
Pulse are excited to launch their new Unlimited Broadband Plans from $69/month +GST. When you have your Broadband with them, you can also add on their Landline Phone Packages. 
** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website **
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