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Vetta Online

An Internet provider who goes further
We're all about going further - for connectivity, for reliability, for service and for you.
With easy to understand plans and pricing, quick and helpful customer support, home "Vetta Concierge" visits, 24x7 connection management and our own international network backbone spanning the globe, we like to think of ourselves as a "big little ISP"

We're here to help you
We're all about helping our customers as much as we can. Whether that be doing the best we can to get you online with hardware we don't usually use, or helping you build out an enterprise network in your basement (a geeks dream!), we're happy to help you.

Our team are a bunch of IT veterans, who have been in the industry long enough to expect the unexpected, and to never be surprised about something new. We like to think of ourselves as friendly, approachable, and best of all those who won't leave you waiting on the phone for hours on end.

We're passionate about our service, and can't wait to show you how we can power your home or business with fast internet solutions

Why Vetta Online?
We work hard each and every day to ensure our services reach as many New Zealanders as we can, while ensuring we maintain a fast and reliable network to give our customers the ultimate in internet performance, reliability and top-level support.

We think we've structured the best "big little ISP" in New Zealand, and here's why:

   - Large network and multiple options of internet connection
   - Streamlined provisioning processes to ensure you get connected, fast
   - <20 second hold times when calling in
   - Speak to or email a network engineer who can fix an issue on the first instance
   - Continual build of our own network to further fast connectivity
   - Quality router & hardware provided free-of-charge
   - Vetta Concierge home visits to ensure smooth operation of your internet devices
   - Internally developed international network to ensure a fast connection to your door
   - Locally born and bred in Timaru - owned 100% by locals

What are you waiting for? Experience the Vetta Online difference today!

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