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Everyone likes a story with a good ending. Our story even has two heroes, who rescue lots of damsels in distress.

Once upon a time, farmer Joe only had access to dial-up internet. It drove him nuts! He drank countless cups of coffee whilst he waited for pages to load, and his emails kept bouncing back because they were too big.

Desperation drove him to approach the big internet companies. He pleaded with them: “It’s not only me. There are hundreds of good, solid New Zealanders here, earning export dollars for the country, and none of us can get decent internet. The big boys shook their heads. “If you don’t live in the city, we don’t particularly care.”

So in the best tradition of number 8 wire and bindertwine, Joe decided to do it all by himself. And he did. In no time at all, he was providing faster internet to a hundred happy customers in Southland.

Joe is a volunteer fireman, and one day he went away for training. He got talking to his room-mate and found that Norm had exactly the same story. He was also the hero for a hundred families, in South Otago. So the two of them joined forces, and Yrless was born.

Fast forward a few years, and YrlessPlus provides internet to 1500 happy households scattered across Otago and Southland. They have solutions for everyone, from the almost inaccessible valleys in remote areas, to the small towns that are our heartland. 

Joe still lives in Southland. He’s not a fat cat in the city creaming off the profits. He still works on the farm when he’s not working for YrlessPlus.


** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website **

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