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Latest broadband news

Working from home
Mar 19, 2020
Coronavirus – Internet Providers drop data caps to help with working from home
As we see the impact of coronavirus on the way we work and live our lives, New Zealand businesses are responding to the wide-range of impacts. This could mean more Kiwis working from home and using more data....
Guidance for unbundled fibre
Mar 9, 2020
ComCom release draft guidance to ensure fair competition for unbundled fibre
The Commerce Commission has released draft guidance designed to promote competition and innovation related to unbundled fibre services. What does this mean for fibre broadband prices?
Choosing a broadband plan for university
Feb 11, 2020
How to choose the best broadband plan for university 2020
If you’re heading to uni this year – then the chances are you’ll need to sort out a broadband plan for your new flat. Here are or tips to making an informed choice about broadband plans for university students and uni flats. 
Kids using devices during school holidays
Feb 2, 2020
Kids impact broadband use during summer holidays
New data released by Chorus shows just how much having kids at home changes how we use our broadband during the summer school holidays. How did your home broadband hold up?
Fastest broadband in NZ revealed for 2019
Jan 29, 2020
Fastest broadband in NZ revealed for 2019
Recent figures releases by Chorus show that 2019 was the year of fibre – connecting more than 160,000 homes and businesses last year. Check out the busiest day on the internet, the cities that used the most data and with the fastest download speeds.
Getting Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband installed in your apartment
Jan 29, 2020
Getting Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband installed in your apartment
  So... you're a young professional living in a cool part of town or the CBD and you have your funky two bed apartment, cool electronics, a funky coffee machine and home entertainment system all ready to binge watch the latest season of Game of Thrones through Neon, Lightbox or NetFlix and you load it ...up.... to... find... you... j... j... j... j... just keep on... buf... buf... b... b... b... bufferinnnnnnnnnnggggg...  
Flatmates compare broadband plans
Jan 23, 2020
The best broadband plans for renters
If you're renting – a fast, reliable broadband connection that doesn’t fluctuate or buffer as more people connect is likely to be essential to a harmonious shared flat!. Here are our tips to make an informed choice about broadband plans for flats, and a comparison of some top plans.
Broadband in rural areas
Jan 17, 2020
Our guide to broadband in rural areas
If you live outside of urban areas, you are likely to be familiar with the challenges of finding a reliable broadband connection, and a high-speed broadband plan. What are your choices when it comes to copper, wireless or satellite internet?
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